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Credentialing Services Precision Medical Billing Lexington KY

Medical Credentialing

Precision Medical Billing provides complete credentialing solutions for all new or relocated medical professionals in any specialty. We can provide your practice with credentialing services for insurance carriers and networks of your choice. These carriers include almost all private insurance companies (Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, United Healthcare, Cigna, etc.). Credentialing services are provided for healthcare professionals who utilize the billing services of Precision Medical Billing. We do, however, offer credentialing as a separate service as well.


Our medical provider credentialing experts will complete the necessary applications and other submissions for you. After completing the application, we continuously monitor the credentialing process. There is frequent follow-up, and our credentialing specialists ensure that your application does not just sit on someone’s desk. The time it takes to complete the credentialing process is dependent on the relevant carriers and/or networks.


Obtaining credentials will not only increase your visibility by being “in-network,” it will ensure that claims for your services will actually get reimbursed when you start seeing patients. If you also utilize our medical billing services, we will ensure that your services are properly billed and that all payments and reimbursements are promptly collected.

Why Us?

Your Partner

At Precision Medical Billing, we put our more than 60 years of experience in medical practice and financial management to work for you. We become intimately familiar with your practice and are personally invested in your success. To prevent errors involving missed charges, we continuously audit coding practices and work with your staff to provide training and advice about proper coding.


Any Software, Any Claim

We do not require your office to adjust to a specific billing programming.


Claim Submission & Review

Our team ensures that every claim is instantly checked and cross-referenced against the latest coding procedures so that every claim we file is accurate and compliant.


Comprehensive Follow-up

Our dedicated follow-up and customized service is what truly distinguishes Precision Medical Billing from the competition.

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Contact us to receive a quote or more information about our services.

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