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Medical Consulting

Medical Consulting Kentucky
A comprehensive partnership helping you improve profitability while keeping focus on quality patient care.

Have you analyzed your overhead recently? Are you wondering how you could be working so much while realizing so little? Let us help you achieve peace of mind and a better bottom line for your business.


Our leadership team brings more than 50 years of practice management and complex accounting expertise to your practice. As your partner, we work to increase revenue and reduce costs while maintaining focus on quality patient care. In addition to medical billing and credentialing, Precision offers the following practice management and financial services:


Practice Management


  • Practice administration
  • Contract negotiation of vendor expenses
  • Insurance contract negotiation
  • Quality control
  • Staff training
  • Fee schedule development
  • Management of operational workflow



Financial Services


  • Practice controller
  • Financial analysis and advising
  • Clinical transformation and auditing
  • Budgeting
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Monthly and quarterly profit and loss meetings
  • Development of financial statements
  • Payroll management
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