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About Us

Precision Medical Billing Lexington Kentucky
The Precision Medical Billing Mission

In our last ten years of providing medical practice management services, members of our leadership team detected a disturbing pattern. Numerous practices expressed concern about their third-party billing services. Many felt that their collection rates were not high enough. Others complained that they could not understand the enigmatic reports provided by their billers. Unable to decipher the reports, these physicians had no confidence that their fees were getting billed and collected. They simply did not have sufficient control or information about a crucial part of their practice.   But, it was when a patient who had been treated by one of our clients called to inquire about a particular visit that we truly uncovered a vast, systemic problem. Although the patient had received extensive, neuroscience services, we discovered that she had never been billed. That instance was so egregious that we began conducting random audits for our clients. To our dismay, this problem transcended most every practice. When billing companies were questioned about how these omissions could be occurring, they offered no explanation or solution.   We felt that our clients deserved peace of mind that they were actually getting compensated for their work and the transparency to fully understand the status of their accounts. Thus, Precision Medical Billing was born. With our leadership team’s more than 50 years of combined financial, management and billing expertise, we pride ourselves on providing the most customized, accurate and diligent billing service available. Our clients rest assured that their services are billed within 24-hours, that every claim is fully pursued and that they have complete access to the status of their accounts. Our clients are so satisfied that ALL of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals.

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